Teachers Day

Teachers mold the lives that they influence. Lessons learned from teachers remain with their students throughout life.  Teachers that break down barriers and reach into the souls of the students that they are responsible for do not get the recognition or gratitude they have earned. Many teachers are exhausted from their workload and responsibilities.  They have their own families, financial and life stresses that challenge them along with everyone else. We should always respect our teachers. Teachers need encouragement and support from the community to feel that their devotion to students is appreciated.

Last December 12, 2008, the students of the Lupon Vocational High School  took time out to honor their teachers and acknowledge the contributions they make in their lives with the theme, “Teacher ko, Idol ko. Thank You Sir, Thank You Maam.”

Education Week Launched

The 2008 Education Week Celebration is held nationwide on Dec. 2- 15, 2008 with the theme ” Teachers Ko, Idol Ko. Thanks Sir, Thanks Maam!”. The Student Council Officers of the Lupon Vocational High School headed by their adviser Mrs. Teresita Jumawan officially launced the said activity by giving a short program for teachers right after the flag ceremony at the Covered Court. The culminating activity will be done on friday, Dec. 12, 2008. There will be a program in the morning and a sportsfest in the afternoon.