Highlights of the LVHS 32nd Founding Anniversary

Videos of the Jazz Chant Competition are available at Teacher’s and Student’s Corner blogsite.

LVHS Celebrates 32nd Founding Anniversary

This auspicious day has not only become a landmark among the important events that done the school round the year, but is also the day of pride as it was on this day 31 years ago that we saw the seeds of the school and technological accomplishments sown, the day that Lupon Vocational High School took birth. A vision come true. But not without hard work, dedication  and commitment of our the administrators, faculty, staff and students.

Schedule of Activities:

February 24, 2009

Part I :   Mass (7:30am)
Part II:  Opening Program (9:00am)
Part III: Contest Proper – Jazz Chant
Part IV:  Afternoon Presentation
                 1. DBC Presentation
                 2. Field Demonstration
                 3. Awarding od Prizes

 Happy Anniversary and Congratulations!