Math and Science Quiz Fair Result

Division Math and Science Quiz Fair
Division of Davao Oriental
Region XI
September 26, 2008
San Isidro National High School
San Isidro, Davao Oriental

ROYGIE LORENO – First Year – 4th Place: Math Quiz
                              Trainer: Mrs. Allen Rodriguez
EDGAR EUFEMIO – Third Year – Second Place: Math Quiz
                              Trainer: Mrs. Trifina Simo
JUN-JUN MONTERA – Third Year – Third Place: Math Quiz
                              Trainer: Mrs. Trifina Simo
FEDERICO FRANCO JR. – Third Place: Math Quiz
                              Trainer: Mrs. Josefina Arbol
SWEETZEL DYNE MORALES – First Year- 6th Place: Science Quiz
                              Trainer: Mrs. Gertrudes Mejos
JOHN REY E. MANISCAN – First Year – Second Place: Sci-Dama
                              Trainer: Mrs. Elfleda Dionio
EMARJUNE COLONIA – Third Year- 4th Place: Sci-Dama
                              Trainer: Mrs. Elfleda Dionio
JAMES PAUL MEJOS – Fourth Year – 4th Place: Sci-Dama
                              Trainer: Mrs. Elfleda Dionio

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Division Math and Science Quiz Fair

        This year’s Division Math and Science Quiz Fair is held at San Isidro National High School, Batobato, San Isidro, Davao Oriental on September 26, 2008. All elementary and secondary schools in the Province of Davao Oriental will compete in three events : Science Quiz, Math Quiz, and Sci-Dama. 

         The following are the contestants and coaches of the Lupon Vocational High School:

                              SCIENCE QUIZZERS                                       COACH

1.  Jeffrey Capalit      –    First Year                                     Mrs. Gertrudes Mejos
2.  Sweetzel Dyne Morales   – First Year                             
3.  Mae Marie Dagasdas  – Second Year                             Mrs. Elfleda Dionio
4.  Ronick John Leones  – Second Year                                
5.  Jun Perry Magno  –  Third Year                                        
6.  Lorna Perez  –  Third Year                                               
7.  Glenn Francis Galang – Fourth Year                                
8.  Vengie Ygonia  –  Fourth Year                                        

                                   SCI- DAMA

1.  John Rey E. Maniscan  –  First Year                               Mrs. Gertrudes Mejos
2.  Rodolf Neil C. Dionio  –  Second Year                          
3.  Emarjune Colonia  –  Third Year                                   
4.  James Paul Mejos  –  Fourth Year                                  Mrs. Elfleda Dionio

                                  MATH QUIZZERS

1.  Roygie Loreno –  First Year                                           Mrs. Allen Rodriguez
2.  Mark Plañar – First Year                                              
3.  April Joy Pelegrino – Second Year                               
4.  Dominic Balaga – Second Year                                    
5.  Edgar Eufrenio Regidor – Third Year                           
6.  Jun-jun Montera – Third Year                                       
7.  Federico Franco Jr. – Fourth Year                                
8.  Christian Pasion – Fourth Year                                   


1.  Mrs. Elfleda Dionio
2.  Mrs. Gertrudes Mejos
3.  Mrs. Allen Rodriguez
4.  Mr. Alvin Cafe