LVHS Jazz Chanters Win in the English Festival

Jazz chant is a poem that use jazz rhythms to illustrate the natural stress and intonation patterns of conversational American English. Jazz Chants provide an innovative and exciting way to improve your student’s speaking and listening comprehension skills while reinforcing the language structures of everyday situation.

The selected students of the Lupon Vocational High School won second place in the Division Level English Festival held at Manay National High School among three other schools – Banaybanay National High School, San Isidro National HIgh School, Manay National High School,  who participated in the Jazz Chant Competition Category last January 15, 2009. The Group was trained by Mrs. Mirabel Millan.

3 Responses

  1. para naman kayong walang practice eh…
    ok lang least 2nd diba???
    better luck next time
    soar high LVHS…

  2. magaling naman pala..hhehe…
    una ko ksing panood nun prang nag skip lang koh hanggang end nah…
    sa simula lang talaga sila parang wlang practice…
    heheh…job well done guys…
    news about the prom and election?

  3. -parang narerecognize ko isang piece peo ndi ko matandaan kung san ko narinig.

    -congrats pala coz OVER-ALL Champion ang region nyo. Stunning ang performance nung mga Representatives nyo. Maganda siya. I hope you could watch their performance anytime soon.

    -Hindi ko kasi alam kung saan ko sila makokongrats.


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