“Doon Po Sa Amin” Learning Challenge

The challenge is now on for Filipino teachers and students to take the lead in making use of the Internet to reach out to the world and share local content that will help promote and develop their respective communities.

This year, Smart Communications Inc. (SMART), through its Smart Schools Program (SSP), launches the Doon Po Sa Amin (DPSA) Project, an initiative that will serve as a venue for teachers and students to write and share unique stories about their respective communities and make these available online.

In the Doon Po Sa Amin Learning Challenge, the contest component of DPSA, SSP partner educators and students nationwide are encouraged to use desktop and Internet technologies in generating web-based information as well as local content using community mapping techniques. SSP partner schools are expected to form different Student Groups that will share and publish online their stories, called Focus Study/Story, about their communities to be categorized under seven curriculum-based Topic Categories – Mathematics; Science & Environment; Language & Literature; Health & Wellness; Technology & Livelihood; Arts & Culture; Social Science. The DPSA Topic Categories are aligned to the curriculum so students and teachers will be able to analyze and present the generated content using curriculum applications.

Each Focus Story will be uploaded to the DPSA section of each school’s SSP-hosted website, and will be evaluated based on these criteria: DPSA School Team Collaboration, Educational Content, ICT Integration, and Community Impact. Exciting awards and prizes await the winning Student Groups and their respective schools.

Lupon Vocational High School has finally uploaded successfully its official entry to the said competition. Please visit the site http://www.mysmartschools.ph/*/bundas/index.htm and tell your friends, family and relatives about it.

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