Excel Activity in the Classroom

Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program that can be used for storing, organizing and manipulating data. Among all the Office applications, most students find excel very boring. I tried to search for excel activities online so that students will realize that there is more to what excel can do other than formulas and manipulating data. I found this file, thanks2, wherein students use the photo bucket to fill in the cells with colors.


After that, I let the students draw a figure in a Excel worksheet using any clipart as their guide.  Here are some sample designs made by the fourth year students. This design can be used as a pattern for cross stich.

Noel Cañete, fourth year student

Noel Cañete


Eden Vitor

Eden Vitor

2 Responses

  1. wow!!! nindot gud imung feature mam.. heheheh^^

  2. Excellent! I salute you all guys! Go go go LVHS! We are proud of you.

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