Bundas: Gateway to Squid Fishing Industry

This focus story entitled “Bundas: Gateway to Squid Fishing Industry” is an entry to the “Doon Po Sa Amin Learning Challenge” under the Technology and Livelihood Category. The story focused on the narration about the squid fishing technique of the residents of Sitio Bundas , Bagumbayan, Lupon and its impact to their livelihood.


The Team, which is compose of Adviser-Mrs. Fatimar R. Macarona, Coach – Mrs. Elfleda C. Dionio,
Researchers – Vengie  G. Ygonia, Federico V.FrancoKimberly F. Acasio, Aimee Marion A. Morales, Photographer – Christian C. Pasion, Picture Editor – Rodolf Neil C. Dionio, conducted an intensive research about the livelihood of the people living in Bundas. Their fishing styles particularly squid fishing was investigated. The group gathered information from existing publications and related articles about the fishing style and the use of the gadgets. Interview was the immediate tool used by the researchers to answer the queries posed by the researchers.



Documentation through pictorials was done to support the data collected. The students’ group found hard time in gathering data since some of the residents are reluctant to reveal their fishing styles especially on the use of electric flasher. They are afraid that they will be collected with another form of tax for a particular gadget.

The data collected was analyzed. The work was not easily since every move requires effort and equivalent money. The website was made possible through the support of the ICT Coordinator, the coach, our   school head and the support of SMART. 

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