A Trip Beyond the Clouds

(by Jun Perry Magno, Third Year Student)


A trip towards the clouds from the Land of Promise to the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Here I am joining the biggest explosions in the 7th National STEP Development Skills and Competition on November 19-24 held at Teachers Camp, Baguio City.

After winning the full blast election as Regional STEP Board Organization (RSBO) President going to Baguio the representative of Region XI to adhere the election of National STEP Board Organization.

As we arrived in Davao CIty, curiosity striked on the first timers riding a plane. At 1:45PM in the air gives us fulfillment that we successfully landed in Manila. Then a 7 hour trip in the bus going to the land of Pines enjoys us watching the places that we passed. Finally as we entered th territory of Baguio City the spirit of hospitality was given to us. With a great accomodation and wonderful apprecication surely we will not forget this place.

But before thinking my strategy on the election, we must first enjoy our stay in Baguio City. We visited the tourist spots like Mines View Park, Botanical Garden, the famous Philippine Military Academy and other places. Baguio City is so beautiful even if their climate is so cold.

As the event is ongoing the temptation is rising to such meeting my opponents in the north which I think upgraded students. At the time of election, my torch is slowly dying when Luzon made an alliance that NCR must be the director, but as I speak infront of my co-students and Mr. Joey Pelaez about my plans and the present problem of the STEP organization, they appreciated the sense of speaking delivered by the Mandaya Warrior that brought me to be the Director of the Board.

After the election, the enjoyment from my heart burts as my schoolmated Jeffrey Dagooc ranked 5th place in the SMAW event with his coach Mr. Jovito Rosete and Vengie Ygonia the National Champuon in the Building Wire Installation with his coach Mr. Norman Tomas.

The Luponians are so proud that we will be going home bringing the experience and the achievements from Baguio City. The trip to the clouds has developed and enhanced our skills.

7 Responses

  1. ayos bai..
    ikaw na jud…

  2. lge…
    nachambahan pud….
    puno man gud ug pag-ampo…. jejejejejej

    cge2… visit geud prmente dre 4 d latest news sa imo beloved skul….

  3. ana jud…..
    kamo na cguro ang pnka.daghan ug achievements na batch..
    keep up the good work..
    I’ll tell you magamit na ninyo sa college,..
    I’m proud to be an alumnus of our prestigious institution..
    soar high Vocational!!!!

  4. perut!!!

    triumph 4 D whiTe ObamA!!!!!!


    White OBama
    ng LVHS!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. thanks boy…
    chamba lng papi!!!

    sa-una d ay sa inyo!!!!
    pwo 2ngd pud sa inyong gpakita sa una mao nhimo nmo ni ron!!!

    Tnx… ^^

  6. congrats!!!!

    Idol geud ka poy!!!

    your d man!!!!

    gwapo pa bright pa geud!!!! taka!!!

  7. to aimee:

    pag-xure ha!!!

    ana geud nang mga kuyaw!!! yanut!!! nadala ka?
    kinsa nadala sa nspc??

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