LVHS Studes Join 2008 Philippine History Contest

Ayala Foundation and Fundacion Santiago have joined hands to organize and sponsor the 2008 Hi*Story*Cal Links National Competition to foster the historical awareness of the Filipino Youth. They have graciously agreed to introduce Fundacion Santiago to its Gilas Partners the pool of schools and students to participate in the said competition.

The 2008 Hi*Story*Cal Links National Competition is structured along two stages, namely the
a)Elimination/Selection Stage:
Third Year and Fourth Year high school students will gather in the school’s computer laboratory – one student per terminal- on the 20th of November at 10:00am. On said time and date, they will be e-blasting a 10-item Historical Trivia Questionnaire to be answered exclusively by the students with no assistance whatsoever and sent back as soon as it has been duly replied. From all the perfect score entries they will be choosing the eight (8) finalists; the first 2 from Luzon, 2 from Metro Manila, 2 from Visayas, 2 from Mindanao, who will be invited to go to Manila for the Grand Finals.
b) Grand finals (Nov. 28-30)
Once in Manila, the selected finalists and their guardians will participate in a Heritage Race within intramuros and finally test their historical knowledge in front of a PC by playing the Hi*Story*Cal Links interactive digital CD game developed by Fundacion Santiago.

The following are the lists of students from the Lupon Vocational High School who participated in the said competition:
1.  Federico Franco Jr. – Fourth Year
2.  Glen Francis Galang – Fourht Year
3.  Rex Magallanes – Fourth Year
4.  Eufemio REgidor Jr. – Third Year
5.  Emarjun Colonia – Third Year
6.  John Paul Nicolo Rodriguez – Third Year
7.  Divinagracia Lagura – Third Year
8.  Lovely Montaña – Third Year
9.  Jonalyn Rosete – Third Year

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