TVE Teachers on Training

The TVE teachers of Lupon Vocational High School are undergoing a School Competency Based Training on Tech-Voc Methodology subject. It is a 2-day training conducted at the ICT Learning Center on October 29-30, 2008. The trainors were Mr. Norman Tomas, Mr. Juan Turing and Mr. Jovito Rosete.  

Fast Craft Operates in Lupon

Fast Craft boats will soon operate in the Municipality of Lupon with the Lupon-Davao route and vice versa.

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  The 7th Student Technologists and Entrepreneurs of the Philippines
National Skills Development and Competition
November 19 – 24, 2008
Teachers Camp, Baguio City

 Complete List Of Skills/Job Orders



NOVEMBER 7- 9, 2008

Opening Ceremonies

Order of the Parade

Venue of the Games

Quarters Directory of Athletic Units

Organizational Structure

Meet Officials

Technical Officials

Ground Rules

Closing Program

Gulayan sa Paaralan Program

The Department of Education (DEpEd) is set to implement the “Gulayan sa Paaralan” (Vegetable Gardens in School), which aims to teach elementary and high school students to be self-sufficient and also to alleviate hunger.

The project, which is also tied up with the “Programang Agrikultura Para Sa Masa” (Agricultural Program for the Masses) of the Department of Agriculture, likewise intends to foster public awareness in the health, nutritional and economic benefits of planting vegetable gardens in schools and homes.

School administrators and local government unit leaders will take charge of the project and will also manage other DepEd-related hunger and poverty mitigation programs.

Education Secretary Jesli Lapus said in a statement that 19 percent, or 3,268,000 families, nationwide are experiencing hunger and malnutrition, forcing schoolchildren from underprivileged sectors to drop out.

“The health and nutrition of our children is a crucial factor affecting their academic performance. By making food more accessible to a larger number of families, we can better ensure the success of our students,” Lapus said.


Unit V Athletic Meet 2008

Health Advisory

The Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) of the Department of Health (DOH) has advised the public not to purchase and use outright infant formula and milk products from China that might have been brought to the country through unauthorized means because no records of these products are registered.

Undersecretary Ramon C. Bacani issued a DepEd Memo No. 461, s. 2008 on Health Advisory on Contaminated Infant Formula and Milk Products produced in China, instructing all School Officials to advise canteen managers not to use such products in preparing foods served in the canteens for health safety of the pupils and to mobilize teachers, school health and nutrition personnel to disseminate information about this matter. Close collaboration should be made the Parents- Teachers-Community Associations (PTCAs), Local Government Units (LGUs), Municipal Health Officers (MHOs) in the conduct of investigation on the availability of such infant formula and milk products in the market which are manufactured in China.